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Krav Maga will make you a badass | Learn to end a fight fast

Whether you want to experience the excitement of learning a new fighting technique or try a new workout or get your child enrolled into an overall development program, Krav Maga is the answer. Built on simple instinctive techniques, Krav Maga still remains the favorite of most of the law enforcement agencies.

Krav Maga is one of the most lethal combat techniques which are a mixture of various forms of martial arts like ju-jitsu, karate, judo, wrestling, boxing, etc. This military combat technique was devised by the Israel military defense forces. Introduced in 1930-40 it was later ratified as a military initiation of Israel. It is specially designed to tackle real-time situations and involves effective techniques.

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Theoretically, Krav Maga is an aggressive yet defensive form of strategic combat techniques that tests your power, timing, and flexibility. Krav Maga needs a lot of agility and aggression. Here, aggression does not mean emotional aggression but physical aggression. One must be aware of his physical aggression consciousness. Since it is a mixture of all forms of martial arts it is one of the most lethal forms of combat and therefore famous among the street fighters.

A Krav Maga fighter does not give much time to its opponent to get back to balance. This technique you need to continue striking your opponent in proportional force until there is no active threat from his side. The technique targets the most vulnerable parts of the body like eyes, groin, nose, groin, liver, etc. we must understand that Krav Maga is a highly sensitive combat technique in which you need to work on your reflexes.

Building a strong reflex would make it easier to fight with an efficiency that comes with practice and dedication. This helps to stay aware of your surrounding while fighting. Another aspect of this technique is to find escape routes, further attacks, confusing opponent etc. Thus it is necessary to build a strong reflex. Krav Maga also teaches you how to handle stress during a worse situation.

What are the various targets of Krav Maga combat?

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Krav Maga is different from other forms of martial arts. A practitioner must fight with aggression, spirit, Passion, and flexibility. Before starting a fight one needs to understand the opponent’s mind and background just by looking into his eyes and body movements. This is an important aspect of Krav Maga. An opponent who is emotionally aggressive will put his sweat and blood into his punches that would be a lot more difficult to tackle. Therefore it is important to understand the opponent’s present condition.

Ideas in Krav Maga include:

•    Attack and defense simultaneously

•    One must develop physical aggression and agility while fighting.

•    Continuous strokes to the opponent until there is no sign of threat.

•    Punching proportionately on targeted areas with equal force every time.

•    Use the things near the hand to attack and defend your opponent.

•    Target the vulnerable parts of the body like the groin, liver, eyes, and nose. Solar plexus, floating ribs, fingers etc.

•    Use simple techniques repetitively.

•    Be aware of your surrounding and look for an escape route,

•    Enhance your instincts while fighting. Don’t get stressed out.

The main aim of this combat technique is to apply maximum damage to your opponent with least effort and short time. One must aim at attacking the most vital parts of the body to make him incapacitated or dead. It is of no use hitting your opponent when he gets back again to fight. To make sure that your enemy never appears again Krav Maga is designed with the most lethal and effective techniques. (read my post on how to learn Krav Maga)

How Krav Maga transforms you into a real fighter?

Can Krav Maga Make you better in doing boxing sports

When you will enroll in the Krav Maga program you will gradually get disciplined in various areas of your personality. You will develop a fighter like an attitude and the results will be visible soon.

The training consists of a two-fold system. The trainer will first make the ground preparations for the body. Initially, you need to gain fitness, speed, aggression, passion, flexibility, power and endurance. The training will turn you into a bullet.

The second most important part of this training is to cultivate the spirit of a fighter in you. The modern technique of fighting tells you to keep a sound and calm mind in order to take effective decision while threatening situation. The ancient fighters generally take spirituality a bit more seriously than the modern day’s fighters. The ancient warriors can engage in hand to hand combat with hundreds of enemies that have made them lose the fear of death.

Another important aspect of Krav Maga is to analyze and respond quickly. In a street fight, you do not get enough time and therefore it is crucial to use the right technique at the right time.  Krav Maga teaches you to build your reflex strong enough to act with your instincts rapidly. Krav Maga makes you physically and mentally tough and unstoppable.

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In Krav Maga, it is said that your body is the most lethal weapon and if used effectively it can make people beg for their life. Krav Maga learning boosts the confidence and awareness of a practitioner. It nourishes your spirit, awareness, reflexes and another dormant dimension of the body to make you a full-fledged fighter.

Another aspect of Krav Maga is the spiritual guidance of the practitioner. It helps the practitioner to dig deep into the anatomy and psychology to understand one’s potential more nicely.  In martial arts and other combat, it is important to understand the spiral aspect of life. It gives the Warriors a clear understanding of the opponent’s psychology and also makes the instinct sharper.

In Krav Maga also there spirituality and physicality are balanced in adequate proportion to make the warrior ready for the threatening situation. The warriors after getting mastery over the subject can also teach other people regarding it. With mastery over Krav Maga, you can become the real conqueror of battles.

You can get started with a day a week, but be sure to check out how often to practice Krav Maga by setting your goals here.