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13 Do’s and Dont’s of Online Krav Maga Courses | Best training

Okay, we all know that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) invented Krav Maga in order to transform their conscripts into lethal killing machines, but what we didn’t know is that it is so simple to learn it.

Krav Maga schools have been popping up all over the place and even other military and law enforcement agencies are learning Krav Maga now.

In this post, I’ll discuss what to look out for when starting your training by yourself, particularly when looking at online Krav Maga courses, because there are a few great ones out there.

krav maga self defense class

The civilian sector is also learning it too and there have been some reports that people (particularly women) who have been a target of criminal activity have successfully thwarted their assailants by using this self-defense technique.

Krav Maga instructors have proven how easy it is to learn the self-defense technique that they even went as far as offering online classes for it! This is definitely for you if you want to get past some basic training we’ve also laid out for you.

Wait, what? Learn Krav Maga from your living room or your garage? Seriously?! That sounds a lot like those TV infomercials that are meant only to sell you stuff.

Are Online Krav Maga Courses Legit? Are They A Scam?

The answer to that question is “no”, web-based Krav Maga schools are legit, run by certified KM instructors and will even certify you a KM black belt once you’ve completed the course.

The reason why Krav Maga is so easy to learn that you can do it even via an online course is that it dispenses with the unnecessary stuff.

For instance, in a Karate school you are first taught the philosophy behind Karate and to use equal or less than an equal measure of force in dealing with an aggressor.

The idea behind that principle is compassion and you don’t want to hurt your aggressor too much that it might injure him.

You care for his wellbeing.

There may also be some breathing exercises and kata movements that are required in every level of proficiency. These are absent in Krav Maga and you will start with some physical fitness training coupled with the basic strikes and kicks.

So what you essentially learn what KM students are learning in a KM dojo. All of the Krav Maga moves from basic to intermediate to advanced follow the body’s natural movements of the limbs, therefore they are easy to learn.

Things to Consider Before Enrolling in a Krav Maga School (Real Physical School or Web-Based School)

While it’s true that most Krav Maga schools that offer online courses are legit, you could never be too careful these days, as scammers will ride any trend just to make some money off of it – including Krav Maga; Although we have not known any cases yet where people were actually scammed into enrolling in a fake KM school or something.

But still, I’m just saying that you need to be on the lookout just to be on the safe side. In any case, most if not all Krav Maga schools are members of national or international Krav Maga associations.

So if you’re doubting the legitimacy of the KM school that you plan to enroll in, then ask if they are affiliated with any Krav Maga associations and look them up in the member’s list.

The association itself will confirm if they are telling the truth or not.

You can then decide whether to proceed or not. Here are some things you need to consider before signing up to be a KM student.

1.) Evaluate Your Motives

In reality, it’s not just in Krav Maga that you should screen your motives on, but in everything else that you plan to commit.

Having clear goals and motivations for doing something helps you achieve what you’ve set out to do from the beginning.

You must be sure that you’re going to set milestones with every accomplishment that you’ve done as you go through the training, instead of just wasting time trying to be better than everybody else.

Check your motives first and see if they align with the goals of the Krav Maga system.

Krav Maga Goals

  • To be able to effectively defend yourself and the people you care about from any hostile person or persons.
  • To be in top physical condition. You can lose weight and stay fit by training in Krav Maga. So if you have no reason to get physical with anyone, then staying fit is the second best reason for you to study this art.
  • You want to be a part of a unique community of martial artists who may become your close friends later on. Through your bond and friendship, you uplift each other and commit yourselves to something bigger than just working out and staying fit. This is one of the highest goals of Krav Maga – camaraderie.
  • Getting a boost in self-confidence comes as a byproduct in learning Krav Maga as by nature confrontations are common to humans and animals alike, and Krav Maga teaches you to handle all sorts of confrontations. If you put that into context, your mind is also subconsciously trained to not run away from problems and solve them head-on. People are reporting that they’re able to have better conversations and are getting more respect as a result of training in Krav Maga. Some are even getting asked for advice on important matters as KM practitioners also develop insight and wisdom!krav maga online training for women
  • You want to be strong-minded just as your body will get stronger when you learn Krav Maga. Most people will lose their nerve and freeze in dangerous situations, but in Krav Maga, we will train you to not only prepare but also anticipate and predict confrontations as they unfold before your eyes. You will, in essence, become a distinctly tough person without having the need to show off because that’s what Krav Maga is all about. Not being arrogant and go looking for trouble, but always be prepared for it. You’ll also know how to deliver your attacks with minute precision and not do more than what is needed. You’ll be able to put down your opponents in the most efficient manner while keeping yourself and everyone else safe.

Goals that DO NOT Align with the Krav Maga System

  • You only want to learn Krav Maga so you could hurt people and boast about how good you are at hurting people. Although like most self-defense schools Krav Maga’s goal is to only use force when absolutely necessary, it doesn’t mean that you use force to solve every problem. Having this kind of mentality will make you a worse person and not help you in any way.
  • You only want to learn Krav Maga so you can flaunt your martial arts skills with lots of fancy moves and “cool” stances. This kind of mentality suggests that you may have watched too many martial arts movies because Krav Maga does not teach beautifully choreographed movements like Kung Fu or Wing Chun. Correct your motivations first before you enroll in a KM school, or find another martial arts school like Wu Shu that focuses more on fancy movements because clearly, Krav Maga is not for you.
  • You heard Krav Maga was cool and you thought that you can use this technique for your MMA dreams. I’ve got some bad news for you, MMA has banned Krav Maga from its accepted fighting styles because it was considered to be too brutal and inhumane. Most MMA fighters who have a background in KM are asked to train with Muay Thai and other martial arts techniques in an MMA-specific gym with MMA fighting instructors. The reason for this is because Krav Maga has basically no rules and anything goes in a fight including hitting the groin or gouging the eyes, which is extremely illegal in a fight with set rules and regulations like MMA. If you plan to fight for money, glory, and honor, then you should go straight to a Muay Thai school or an MMA-specific training facility.

2.) Find a Reputable Online Krav Maga School

Most Krav Maga schools on the internet usually teach you the same basic stuff and, although they differ when it comes to the intermediate and advanced levels, you will train from the white belt all the way to the black belt nevertheless.

The training will also be disseminated via video streams directly off of their site and are divided into different curriculums. Each video can be played back as many times as you desire so that you will first watch the moves and process it in your mind, then start executing it slowly until you’ve mastered it.

Look for a KM school that’s associated with Krav Maga Global or any other big organizations as they certify these schools for proficiency. This way you can be sure that you’re getting the best lessons from top notched Krav Maga instructors.

You’ll also need some of the basic gear to get you started.

Basic Do’s and Don’ts in Online Krav Maga School

  • Look up and compare 10 or more different online Krav Maga schools.
  • Do a background research and check their credentials.
  • Compare their courses too and go for the one that has the most to offer.
  • If this is the first time you’ll enroll at a martial arts school like Krav Maga, then prepare for it by doing some workouts at least 3 months prior to the start of classes.
  • Prepare the room or space where you will be training in and make sure that all your physical activities will not damage any of the appliances you’ll use during training (e.g. the 40-inch plasma tv, speakers, electric fans, etc.).
  • Join and meet up with other members/students/instructors of your local Krav Maga club (usually these online KM schools are affiliated with the local KM clubs and they also have fun activities each week or month, it would be good for you to get to know them and be a part of the local KM community).
  • Go for the most affordable schools if you’re on a tight budget.

3.) Train with Other Students in Your Area

You’ll be surprised to find out that even if it’s just an online Krav Maga class there are actually plenty of people who are studying in it. The web-based Krav Maga school itself will notify you of the other students near your area who are involved.krav maga training online for men

You can then rent a small place to train in where the proximity of such a place is almost equidistant to where you live, or any one of you could offer his place and welcome your fellow KM home study classmates to train there for free.

Even though online Krav Maga schools are designed for one person to learn it from the comfort of his home, it is much better to train with a sparring partner than training alone, because you can practice the moves in real time and learn how to execute them properly.

10 Myths About Learning Krav Maga Online – Busted

Krav Maga is unique because unlike other martial arts you can learn this fighting style in a matter of weeks and be proficient in it. The basic self-defense that you’ll learn is already considered to be effective if applied in real fight situations.

However, some people think that this is too good to be true and created myths about homeschool Krav Maga, which will be debunked today.

1. It’s impossible to learn without a Krav Maga instructor 

The training demo videos that you will see are all performed by certified Krav Maga instructors and therefore is just as effective as with what they teach in local KM clubs.

2. It’s impossible to learn without a sparring/training partner

Learning the fighting techniques does not require a training partner, although in order to determine that you’ve really learned them you may need a sparring partner later on, all fighting techniques can be learned without a partner.

3. You don’t earn the belts but you just pay for them

The KM school will ask you to demonstrate what you’ve learned either via live video chat, or you show up at their designated location and demonstrate it to them in person. They will never give you a belt unless they are certain that you are already proficient in certain stages of the training.

4. A black belt you got from an online KM school is laughable

Anyone who thinks this is true can test the Krav Maga practitioner who got his/her black belt from an online KM school by engaging them in physical combat. But don’t complain to me that I didn’t warn you, because any KM practitioner who has been sufficiently trained in the art is as lethal as any weapon is.

5. People who train at a local KM club are superior to those who train at home

Those who train in an online KM school is just as good as those who train at a local Krav Maga club or dojo.

6. Web-based Krav Maga learning is expensive

Check the prices yourself for this  web-based Krav Maga school that offers white to green belt course in digital edition or a DVD + digital edition. The fees they charge is quite similar to online Karate classes and karate takes a lot more time to learn compared to Krav Maga, so the difference in their fees is actually reasonable.

7. You won’t be able to learn weapons disarming properly or effectively

You will be shown in multiple video clips exactly how to do it, so there’s no way you won’t learn it effectively.

8. You can earn a black belt in Krav Maga in less than 1 year

There are no shortcuts in earning the black belt. If we’ll let you walk away with a black belt and you get into trouble, then we risk tarnishing our reputation for it and not only that Krav Maga will be labeled a failure of a martial arts technique when in fact it is one of the best fighting styles in the world!

9.You have to join an association, wear a certain uniform, or buy equipment

Absolutely not necessary.

10. Enrolling at a local KM school should be higher than in an online school

You choose to enroll at a Krav Maga school based on your availability and how much resources you can allocate for it. If you don’t have a lot of time to train in Krav Maga, then do it at the comfort of your home and enroll in an online school. Otherwise just go to the local KM club and train there.


I hope that by now I have managed to convince you that learning self defense and how to protect yourself is the most important thing that needs to be achieved.

The lessons need to fit in within your current life commitments and individual circumstances, whether you do it online or at your local Krav Maga school is up to you. getting started is better than doing nothing at all

Don’t let someone discourage you from learning a valuable life skill because they are a bit up themselves , if you can only learn self defense at home it’s better than not learning it at all