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Krav Maga Vs Boxing trainig for women

Krav Maga vs Boxing; Who Wins? A Detailed Comparison

Some of us want to learn basic self-defense skills, some want to train and stay fit, others are aiming at becoming pro fighters… 

Whichever your goal, learning some basic (or even advanced skills) in either Krav Maga or Boxing doesn’t hurt. 

While most people are familiar with boxing, Krav Maga isn’t as popular – but that isn’t to say the latter is any bit less effective. 

similar martial arts like krav maga

When push comes to shove, any skills in either of these two will give you an edge, especially when facing an untrained opponent. 

But we all have different ideas of what we want in mind, and that’s where this post comes in…to help you decide wisely. 

So tag along, let’s lay bare the differences, advantages, and just about everything else to help you choose your fight!

Let’s dig deeper…shall we?

Krav Maga; Origin and History

Man training in Israeli martial arts Krav MagaSo, where did it all start? Krav Maga has its roots in one man; Imi Lichtenfeld – a wrestler, boxer, and renowned martial artist. Born in Hungary in 1910, Imi became a great competitor both locally and internationally in boxing and wrestling competitions. 

Come the 1930’s, Imi’s fighting skills and experience helped a big deal in defending Jewish neighborhoods against unrelenting attacks from anti-semitic assailants. 

As fate would have it, Imi fled his Nazi-occupied country and ended up in Israel, where he joined a paramilitary group in the Jewish community – the Haganah. 

It is here where Imi was tasked with developing a self-defense system for the Israeli military.

Krav Maga took root. And it has stood the test of time to become today’s hand-to-hand combat system officially used by the Israeli Defense Forces. In recent years, Krav Maga has been making its way into the hearts of many fitness junkies across the globe too.  

Boxing; Origin and History

two men Boxing fight Origin and HistoryBoxing is among the oldest sports known to man, predating Krav Maga by a handful of millennia. To be more specific, boxing dates back as far as the ages of the Egyptians and further back in antiquity to the Sumerians. 

But boxing hasn’t had it easy throughout history… It was abolished sometime around 393AD on grounds that it was too savage. Thankfully, that was not the end of it, and boxing resurfaced in the 16th century in London, thanks to the English aristocrats’ interest in digging into the knowledge and traditions of the ancients. 

Among the most decorated fighters in the history of this sport was jack Broughton, who held the boxing champion title from 1734 to 1758. Broughton pioneered boxing schools, and he even played a part in helping coin the first boxing rules. He also invented mufflers, which we know today as boxing gloves. 

Although this sport made its way overseas, it didn’t become very popular in America (despite arriving here in the early 19th century) and only gained traction later when Theodore Roosevelt advocated for it. 

Some Handy Krav Maga Techniques and Moves

Krav Maga is a well-rounded fighting arsenal packed full of great moves that you can learn to take on different types of attackers. 

There’s a laundry list of the different techniques that you can learn.

Two men demonstrating handy Israeli MMA Techniques and Moves

Here Are Some Krav Maga Punches and Strikes

· Headbutt

· Crossbody punch

· Hook punch

· Inside chop

· Elbow strike

· Mouth of Hand

· Hammer Fist…etc

· Self Defense Against Punches

· Countering an elbow strike

· Uppercut punch defense

· Hook punch defense

· Straight punch defense

· Hook punch defense…etc

Here Are Some Krav Maga Kicks

· Front kick

· Vertical front kick 

· Back kick

· Axe kick

· Sidekick

· Spinning outside slap kick

· Round kick

· Slap kick…etc

The list of the moves that you can pull off with KM is almost infinite! But besides these, you can also learn defense against kicks as well as knee strikes and many more.

Boxing Techniques and Moves

While Krav Maga has a bucket list of different moves, boxing is more basic and downright brutal. That said, there’s still a satisfactorily considerable number of skills that you can learn with boxing. 

Man getting ready to learn Boxing 101

Here are the 5 major boxing techniques;

#1. The Jab 

Also known as the “ONE” in punch combinations, this is the beginner punch you’ll learn in a boxing class. It’s basic, yes, but still very effective. 

#2. The Cross 

Is popular as the number “TWO” punch. This one typically crosses from the back of the body and ends in the front. A well-delivered cross is sure to get you an edge over your opponent. 

#3. The Hook 

It’s the number “THREE and FOUR” punch. The punch flies in a sweeping motion, hence the name “hook.” You can do this with both hands, the right hook and the left hook, although typically, you will land an effective blow with your dominant hand. 

#4. Uppercut

The number “FIVE and SIX” punch that you also do with both the right and then left hand. The uppercut is by far one of the most popular boxing punches, and rightly so, as it is an easy-to-master yet highly effective move. In case you don’t know how to pull off an uppercut yet, you direct it upwards, aiming for the underneath of the opponent’s chin.  

#5. The Slip

This one can be considered a defensive move. It’s more of a ducking move to avoid your opponent punching you in the head. The secret here is to assume a boxing stance, with your back leg slightly raised and the weight on your toes. 

Experts advise against straightening and locking your knees, lest you stand up and set yourself right in your opponent’s line of fire. Instead, maintain a stance that keeps you below or to the side of your opponent.

Who Would Win in a Fight Between a Krav Maga Fighter and a Boxer?

Based on the different moves I have listed above that you can do with Krav Maga and Boxing, it’s obvious that KM has more moves than boxing. 

But one thing that gives Krav Maga practitioners an unfair advantage is…with KM you also learn basic boxing skills. So yeah, a Krav Maga practitioner would also have the basic skills that a boxer has, and then some. 

Isreali MMA vs Boxing

I think this draws the line here; a Krav Maga fighter would probably floor a boxer, provided both have a similar amount of training in regards to time and quality. Boxers are in their tuff in a standing fight. Hence, a Krav Maga fighter would fight on even if he’s downed, while a boxer would probably be done IF he’s taken down. 

Krav Maga vs Boxing; Which is Better as a Workout?

While Krav is better suited for self-defense and fighting, boxing veers more towards fitness, flexibility, and agility. 

Krav Maga and Boxing traning moves for women

That pretty much says it all! If you are looking to keep fit, then boxing is for you. Yeah, sure, you can opt to get the best of both worlds and go with Krav, but seriously, KM would be an overkill if you just want a fitness option, but you like letting the blows fly.

You can even use a punching bag for workouts when doing boxing. Nowadays, there are a lot of different styles that are actually portable, so you can take them anywhere, you aren’t tied to the gym or your home.

Is Krav Maga Better than Boxing; Which is Better for Self Defense?

Again, it boils down to what objectives you have in mind. If self-defense is your primary focus, then go with Krav Maga. Boxing skills will also work great here, just in case you ever need to sucker punch a fool at some point.

Isreali Fighter using self defence  

But for those looking just to train and keep fit, boxing is probably the better option for you. Another aspect you have to consider is which of these feels more comfortable for you. 

How about trying both to figure out?

Is Krav Maga Effective in a Street Fight?

Sure, it is! Perhaps even better than boxing – depending on how you look at it. The thing is, while boxing is based on rules and guidelines set in stone, street fights aren’t. And that’s pretty much all Krav Maga is about, and what its training is aimed at – to trounce the opponent by any means possible. 

Two men learning self defense outside

This is where Krav Maga’s battery of moves and techniques comes into play. Hence, unlike boxers who have honed certain skills that give them the edge over a boxer opponent or an untrained one, Krav is diverse and thus more effective when facing different types of opponents.

Which is Easier to Learn? Which is Better for Beginners? 

When it comes to scratching the surface and getting your wheels turning on a self-defense skill, you will be better off going for a boxing class than a Krav Maga one. 

Since boxing is based on fewer techniques and moves, Krav Maga is very diverse, and this can make the latter a bit confusing for a total nerd to wrap their head around all those moves, kicks and punches. 

Given enough time and quality training, however, even Krav shouldn’t be too tough to master. It’s just harder, not impossible. 

Krav Maga or Boxing; Which One’s for Me?

Both of these skills are great in class and out in the wild. What matters the most is what goals you have in mind. 

lady self defence fitness traning

For those who only want to engage in a sport of sorts and keep fit, then boxing is the way to go. But if you live, or work in an area where you never can tell when the gloves come off, then Krav Maga is what you need. 

I am sure bouncers, street fighters, and those living in areas where lawlessness is the norm can relate. 

Now that you know all there is to Krav and Boxing, which of these two is gonna be the one for you?