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About Salsa Macho

Hi, welcome to Salsa Macho.

This website aims to educate people on the importance of self-defense and, more importantly, the benefits of learning Krav Maga as your primary self-defense technique.

Why do I love Krav Maga?

Because it not only teaches you how to protect yourself, it also teaches you how to control your mind and stay calm, cool, and collected in an emergency. As well as in many other aspects of your life.

It teaches you that violence should be your last resort. Not your first course of action.

Why did I choose to call the website Salsa Macho? 

Krav Maga combines a variety of self-defense disciplines.

It is a fighting system the is suitable for everyone and can be tailored to any situation. Just as salsa is a common street sauce that can pack a punch with the right ingredients, it can be dulled down to give a great basic taste. So I saw it as a fitting metaphor for this excellent self-defense system that can be used anywhere, any time by anyone.

And “Macho,” well, that adds a little extra spice to the name.

How Do I Review Products.

I would love to have every bit of equipment that I review, but that’s not always possible. If I have not used the equipment myself, I do the following to save you time and hassle so you can get all the information summarised in one place.

  • I sift through thousands of customer reviews to find vital information. So you don’t have to spend hours reading through customer complaints about a scratch on the box that has no relevance to the product.   
  • I check the company’s website and manufacture specifications and even contact them directly to confirm specific items.
  •  I then use my knowledge and the experience of others to fact-check the information.
  • I summarise all this information and publish it on so you can read and see how the product looks like and make a decision based on your individual needs. 

Final words

I hope you enjoy this site and the information within it.

Reuben Smyzer Owner Of

Yours sincerely Reuben Smyzer.

If you would like to collaborate with my team and me to provide great content to readers about Krav Maga, please contact us.