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What Are The Best Shoes For Krav Maga? Top 7 Men’s And Women’s In 2023

Training in Krav Maga is no laughing matter; in fact, it is somewhat like training in a military boot camp yourself!

But almost all Krav Maga schools have a dojo or a gym where students can learn the fighting style and so, instead of combat boots like conscripts in the IDF wear, students are required to wear lightweight and easy to move with sneakers.

Your agility or the ability of your mind and body working together in the perfect execution of movements that make you agile has a lot to do with your footwork and balance. Therefore you’ll need to wear the most comfortable and durable shoes if you are to excel in Krav Maga.

Let’s dicuss what to look for in shoes for training Krav Maga and review some of the best ones.

martial arts footwear for women

Most Krav Maga practitioners use sneakers for cross-training for their practice routines. I used to train in the 361 bio-speeds, but upgraded to the Nike Metcon 3 shoes a while back which are the best cross-training shoes out there in my opinion.

I really like the fit of the flywire tech and the bounce of the dual-density foam for quick jabs and counter moves.

Top 7 Shoes to Use in Your Krav Maga Training

There are literally hundreds of millions of shoes being mass produced and shipped worldwide, so it won’t be easy picking the right pair from the best brand that sells them. However, we’ve prepared a list of ten sports shoes that are packed with the right technology, comfort, and style to accommodate a wide range of athletic pursuits.

These shoes will not only enhance your agility but will also make you feel and look good while practicing! Below are 7 of the best shoes to wear for Krav Maga and cross-training:

#1 Nike Metcon 3

This shoe developed by Nike is excellent for cross-training and is especially useful for Krav Maga practitioners when they do their usual punching, kicking, plyometrics and all other assortments of workout/training in the gym.

The Metcon 3 is durable and stable enough for lifting weights and other intense physical activities, yet flexible enough for light running, sprinting and trails.

Nike’s design team devoted a considerable amount of time, effort and resources to develop this shoe as it sports significant technological innovation never before seen in any shoes that they’ve created nor their rival brands.

To start with the Metcon 3 has the Flywire technology which guarantees the shoe will fit tightly yet comfortably to your foot like the glove is to your hand.

The midsole of the shoe was layered with a dual-density foam to add extra cushioning, comfort and support which allows you to workout longer hours without feeling any discomfort or sustain minor injuries.

Finally, in order to ensure durability and overall longevity of the shoe, Nike incorporated the zero drag heel feature which gives you more bang for the buck.

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Women’s Nike trainers for Krav Maga

The Women’s Nike Metcon 3 trainers are of a bit different design and are somewhat lower. They do incorporate the same flywire technology and are excellent for fighters that like to be quick on their feet.

#2 Puma Tazon 6 Mesh DOTD Cross-Trainer

If you want a stylish and trendy shoe that will make you look good, but also feel absolutely comfortable while training, then you should opt to buy the Tazon 6 Mesh DOTD. This shoe melds toughness and convenience into great footwear!

The Tazon 6 features a synthetic upper layer design (e.g. heel counter, quarter, mudguard, toe vamp, toe tip, etc.) while the midsole is made of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) cushion, which means it gives itself the appearance of a sporty and aesthetic rubber shoes but encapsulates the durability and comfort that you’re looking for in a cross-training shoe.

The shoe weighs a surprisingly feather-light 13 ounces or 0.81 pounds which allows for nearly all the anticipated pressures, wears, and tears, but is made from materials durable enough to withstand all of those things and more.

It is also engineered with a 100% seasonal two-layer mesh gives a light-weight, breathable option while also providing a fast modern look. The rubber sole of the shoe provides excellent traction which puts Puma’s brand at the top of the best of the best sports and athletic shoes.

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Puma Tazon 6 Krav Maga shoes for Women

The women’s range are pretty much the same shoe as the men’s, with the synthetic upper layer design and the midsole made out of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA), in different sizes of course.

There are quite a few options to choose from.

#3 The 361 Bio-Speed Training Shoes

The 361 Degrees is a well-known US men’s and women’s footwear and apparel manufacturer and distributor and as such, you can easily find training shoes that are suitable for your Krav Maga training. Their latest model – the Bio-Speed – has been designed for versatility, style and above all comfortability.

The designers wanted the wearer to be at their utmost comfort while performing all of the physical activities that they engage in and the Bio-Speed is the answer to that need.

The famous shoe brand gave this model the patented QUICKFOAM platform that essentially enhances your overall performance, especially your agility while keeping you comfortable all the time.

Another patented technology that’s been added to this shoe model is the QU!CK Spine carbon fiber plate running across the midsole improves the shoe’s durability, so you can do the retzev and all other KM stunts and the shoe’s integrity will remain intact.

Lastly adding the sticky rubber outsole gives it the best traction which means there is a high probability that you won’t slip or slide while training or working out.


361 Bio-Speed for Women

The women’s shoes are identical to the men’s with the Quickfoam soles for quick jumping and sparring.

#4 Asics Conviction Cross-Trainer Shoes

A perfect multi-functional shoe that will not sacrifice comfort that’s what the Asics Conviction is! The hip and trendy design of this amazingshoe will almost blindside you of its ability to keep you comfortable as you perform a series of workouts and training throughout the day.

The selling points of this footwear are its incorporated breathable design feature, specifically the perforated sock liner, which drains moisture faster than conventional shoe designs. Also, the patented synthetic RhynoSkin and mesh technology makes this shoe extremely durable and remain intact no matter stresses and tensions you’ll put on it.

The low drop feature of this shoe also makes it a good lifting shoe. It also comes in several color schemes so you can choose a pair with the best colors that suits your personality, or simply just for aesthetic reasons.

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Asics Conviction X for Women

Asics conviction x women

Same breathable design as the men’s with the durable Rhinoskin mesh that makes this a shoe that will last you a few years if well looked after.

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#5 Adidas Aleki X Training Shoes for Women

Adidas is a shoe brand that everybody knows that doesn’t disappoint when certain things are expected from its products. Like the Aleki X training shoes, for instance, this shoe offers comfort, stability, and durability for all activities!

Made specifically for women.

Talking about comfort, let’s start with how this shoe will give you a glove-like fit to your feet that it prevents your feet from moving around within the shoes.

When training in Krav Maga you are basically expected to do cross-training and the right shoes for such intense physical activities should be a lightweight, breathable and most of all, comfortable to wear. For your consideration, the Adidas Aleki X satisfies all those requirements in footwear!

Adidas seems to share the artificial skin suede that’s also used in the Tesla Lightweight runner shoes from Tesla Gears, which increases the durability of the Aleki X. To keep you comfortable throughout your cross-training sessions the flex groove sole helps cushions your foot with every move you make.

Then there’s also the patented Hydro-Grip outsole which moves water or other liquids out of the way to ensure that your feet are firmly gripped on the ground no matter what terrain you are trekking.

All of this technology plus the unique mesh threading system that works to support not only bones but muscles and tendons as well, ensuring that barefoot feel but keeps your feet safe and secure at all times.

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#6 Reebok Yourflex Train 8.0 LMT

The problem designers face when designing a new shoe model is how it can complement the workings of a human foot, so they could work in near-perfect tandem (as obviously there is no such thing as a perfect footwear, or at least not yet).

With the knowledge and technology available to us now surely someone could think of several ways to make athletic shoes that understand the needs of its wearer by some measure! I mean, it’s 2018 now, right? Soon it will be 2019!

Well, Reebok actually made one such shoe design and it is as impressive as it can be – introducing the Reebok Yourflex Train 8.0 LMT! This perhaps is one of the few training shoes that supports hardcore workouts in style and with an all-encompassing, stellar technology

Peeling away the layers of this shoe we see that it is made with the tri-zoned material upper to help your feet breathe fresh air, support your plantar fascia, and minimize skin irritation from friction.

It also incorporates the MicroWeb lacing system to facilitate enhanced foot support for greater balance and stability. The insole or midsole has an injection-molded 48d, EVA midsole for lightweight cushion and durability.

The patented technology Reebok Memory-Tech sock liner ensures that your foot feels like it is one with the shoe from day 1 of wearing it. The midsole sock liner adjusts to your foot and not the other way around, so there will be no uncomfortable feeling when wearing it whatsoever.

As if that wasn’t enough the shoe also has an 8.5 mm heel-to-toe drop which makes walking, running and all other foot positions feel comfortable.

Carbon rubber which has been placed in specific location across the shoe’s sole and has been compression-molded allows you to have traction wherever you need it.

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#7 No Bull Black Ivy Trainer for men and women

The Ivy Trainer Series from No Bull is perfect for cross-training and Krav Maga practitioners. Although not designed for long-distance running like marathons the Ivy Trainer lets you run, climb, slide, lift, grind and do a lot of plyometrics as well as other intense physical activities without wearing out the shoes at all!

Comfort, stability, and style is the reason why the designers at No Bull made the shoe flat and stable when you wear it. The wide toe box incorporated design is meant for athletes with wider feet and for when your feet swell due to the intense workout that you’ve been doing.

The arch support in the Ivy Trainer will be great for athletes, gym enthusiasts and Krav Maga students with flat feet.

Instead of sewing layers upon layers of fabric for the upper of the shoe, they used a seamless one-piece construction made from an extremely durable yet breathable and abrasion resistant material called SuperFabric. The second mesh base layer which is highly flexible is woven together with the guard plates which is again made of SuperFabric material.

High carbon lateral and medial guards have been placed in key areas of the shoe for enhanced protective lining on the shoe’s sidewalls. It also has a breathable perforated microsuede tongue to ensure air circulation keeping your feet cool, moisture-free and fresh at all times. The molded anatomical sockliner ensures a perfect glove-like fit to your foot securing it in place, so you can work out to your heart’s content and not be bothered by less than acceptable shoe design.

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How Balance and Agility Affects Your Fighting Ability

Balance is the state where an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady, which in this case is your feet. On the other hand agility (also called nimbleness) is the ability to change the body’s position efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength, and endurance.

Some martial arts like those of the Japanese origins require students to practice barefooted in the dojo because it is a sign of respect and it’s their tradition. Krav Maga does not encourage this, in fact, they require the opposite and KM practitioners are required to wear sports shoes every time they practice in the gym for safety reasons. While biologically getting your feet in contact with the dirt on the ground is quite beneficial, this is impractical when you engage someone in a fight as they’ll target your feet as an obvious weakness in your fighting stance.

Whereas if they were protected by sports shoes, then you don’t have to worry about them and sometimes you can use your shoes as an offensive weapon when you’ll attack with kicks. Aside from getting targeted by your opponent fighting barefooted will eventually cause injuries. And finally you don’t walk around in the city barefoot, so practicing with shoes gets you prepared to fight with them anywhere.

Another disadvantage when practicing barefooted is that if ever you’ll get injured, then you won’t be able to do the proper fighting stance, let alone fight effectively. Wearing sports shoes while practicing or fighting allows you to position your body in the utmost balance and be nimble enough to quickly change from an offensive position to a defensive one without pause due to a weak footing.

Good shoes that protect your feet will help you fight effectively as you will always be able to keep yourself balanced and use your agility to outmaneuver your opponent in the fight.