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Israeli martial arts with glasses

Can I Do Krav Maga With Glasses? Learn Your Best Options

Krav Maga is an efficient self-defense technique. Plus, it’s suitable for people of any height and fitness level. 

Moreover, it’s also an excellent option for those that may have physical limitations.

Wearing glasses may make it difficult to perform some complex moves, but it’s still possible to do krav maga with glasses.

If you wear glasses in a krav maga class, you will have to be careful that the lenses don’t get damaged or broken. Or worse, the broken lenses may injure your face or eyes.

There are quick solutions to this problem like sports eyewear, contacts, or headgears to keep yourself and the glasses safe.

Let’s take an in-depth look at doing krav maga with glasses. 

Krav Maga with glasses explained.

Wearing a pair of specs does not mean you’re out of the game when it comes to self-defense! Plus, krav maga is for everyone, so it will also offer skills for people with glasses to defend themselves.

With that in mind, we will go over how to train in krav maga with glasses and the types of available eye protection for people who need them. 

Israeli self defense glasses

Furthermore, we’ll look at how glasses function in a street fight and if we can use contacts as an alternative.

Afterward, as a bonus, we will share a few tips to help you pick a good pair of sports eyewear!

Some information on Krav Maga training with glasses

Glasses are a necessity for many people. They help us see the vibrant world, and we wear them often to protect our eyes from dust, debris, and UV rays. But, doing Krav Maga with glasses can be a bit challenging.

But not wearing glasses can’t be the only answer. 

After all, choosing to practice without glasses can hinder students who have vision impairment.

You may not able to remove your glasses in real-life emergencies where you will need to use Krav Maga.

Therefore, it’s better to find a suitable alternative early on rather than giving up. 

Can I train with glasses?

Depending on the style and intensity, you can train in Krav Maga with glasses. As long as the training does not involve no-holds-barred sparring or quick palm strikes to the face.

However, for sessions like the 360 defense or outside defense practices, you may need to get a better set of specs.

After all, the typical eye-wear focuses on functionality and style. Thus, it’s not very suitable for physically demanding sports.

If you’re signing up for your first class in Krav Maga or wish to learn the basics of level 1 martial arts, regular glasses will be acceptable for a time. But, you may want to switch them out for a more sturdy set of glasses as soon as possible.

At its core, Krav Maga is a self-defense system that focuses on physical training and counterattacks

This way, it’s a bit different than the traditional martial arts. So, it’s not extremely hard to practice,  master its advanced skills but mastering it’s advanced skills is no walk in the park either.

Therefore, wearing glasses during practice is possible, but it’s not ideal for all situations. 

If you have dedication and patience, you can train both with and without glasses to raise your efficiency.

Once you accomplish this, you will be ready to face your opponents with glasses on, and you won’t cringe even if they manage to knock off your specs.

In a nutshell, you will have to use common sense to determine where and when you can practice krav maga with glasses. If the session requires you to make quick moves and practice with a partner, you may want to use a more advanced type of eye protection or headgear.

What type of eye protection is available for people who wear glasses and want to learn krav maga?

You can get several types of eye protection specific to martial arts practitioners who need glasses. Moreover, some protective pads and headgear can further enhance your safety while wearing specs.

Krav maga takes place in a variety of environments ranging from self-defense classes to sparring rounds. 

Therefore, the environment will dictate the type of eye protection you need based on what feels necessary or possible. 

It’s crucial to simulate a real-life fight or defense scenario to test the effectiveness of any protective gear.

For instance, if you are doing basic krav maga, namely the stances and guards, then you can use a combination of prescription glasses and no-contact headgear.

In contrast, if you are up for more advanced classes or wish to participate in sparring, you may want to go with pressure diffusion protective eyewear.

Types of eye-wear suitable for different levels of krav maga. 

  • SecureFit Sports Eyewear
  • Lightweight Super Specs With Polycarbonate Lens
  • Specs With In-built Headband & Nose Guard
  • Safety Goggles
  • Tactical Eyewear
  • Ballistic Glass Mask 

The above gear should not hinder your ability to move freely and offer you better depth perception. Some may even help you protect your nose or the entire face!

Please note: Without headgear, falling on the mat or getting hit by a stray strike can significantly damage your temple, nose, or chin even if your eyes remain safe!

Should I wear contacts during Krav Maga training?

You can wear contacts when you train in Krav Maga, but it may not be practical under certain situations. 

While it allows you to move around more freely, the contact lenses don’t offer much protection for your eyes.

using sport tint contact lenses for Krav Maga

Some people wear contacts while training in Krav Maga because they find them easier to see through. Still, it just depends on what you’re looking for during training. 

Do you need better visual acuity, or would you prefer better tactile sensitivity?

As such, if you choose to wear them while training in Krav Maga, losing them is possible if you receive hard hits, as they may get dislodged or even cause infections!

Let’s take an in-depth look at contact lenses for krav maga training

  • Krav Maga requires a lot of muscle movements, twists, and turns. Thus, it’s highly likely that the contacts may fall off while practicing even the basic skills.
  • If you have been using contacts for a while, you are probably aware that finding them once they have fallen off can be pretty challenging.
  • Furthermore, if your contacts are not secure, they may dislodge and rob you of your vision in the middle of intense fighting!
  • If you receive a strong hit near your eyes, the contacts may cause a corneal abrasion.
  • While the specs can protect your eyes, the contacts are unable to do so.
  • Krav Maga makes people sweat a lot, so any accidental touch or splash on the contacts can lead to an eye infection.

Verdict on wearing contacts during Krav Maga training

All in all, it’s better not to wear contacts when training in krav maga. But, if you are confident and careful enough, you may still be able to practice this Israeli martial art with a pair of quality contact lenses.

Will wearing glasses put me at a disadvantage in a street fight?

Street fights are primarily unpredictable. Thus, wearing glasses can sometimes save you or become a burden depending on the opponents and weapons you face.

knowing self defence when walking in a dangerous street

Pros for glasses in a street fight

If you face someone who will toss dirt or spit during the fight, your glasses can become your best shield against such tactics. After all, if someone wishes to engage you in a street fight, they might use everything they have at their disposal to win!

Cons for glasses in a street fight

On the other hand, if you face professionals or skilled, experienced martial artists, you may have a tough time countering them.

After all, most traditional martial arts include powerful jabs, strikes that can break your glasses. For instance, if one manages to land a knee strike on the specs, the chances are that the glass will hurt and injure your eyes.

Benefits of knowing how to use Krav Maga

If you’re a seasoned master of Krav Maga, the opponent will have minimal opportunity to land such a hit. Here, your glasses will help you read your opponent better and prepare beforehand.

However, suppose your glasses are not of high quality. In that case, they can hinder your movements or even fall off in the middle of an extended strike!

Therefore, wearing glasses during a street fight can either help or hurt you, depending on the situation and the type of specs. 

My conclusion for street fighting with glasses

If you’re still learning the ropes of krav maga, it might be better to take off your standard glasses during street fights against opponents who are less likely to throw sand, dirt, or spit on your eyes.

You may not have the luxury of time so read on below to find all your options, even for everyday life.

Are there standard glasses that will help protect my eyes if I get attacked in the street?

Your regular eyeglasses will not be able to protect your eyes in a violent street battle completely. However prescription glasses can, safeguard your eyes from thrown liquids or dust.

becoming a confident woman that wears glasses using self defence training

Typically,  standard glasses have weak, lightweight frames. 

Even designer frames can buckle and break under the force of a punch or palm strike.

Furthermore, standard glasses will break quickly and may even injure your eyes in the process!

In contrast, “standard protective eyewear” can offer more safety for your eyes. 

For instance, sturdy sports glasses can give you a chance to cover your face.

This way, you can close in on your opponent and deliver a palm strike on their chin to knock them out.

Moreover, you may also use them as a shield.

In short, the standard prescription glasses may not help to protect your eyes in a street fight, but the typical sports eyewear or a sturdy set of specs will keep your eyes safe.

Tips for choosing a good pair of sports eyewear

A good pair of sports eyewear can help protect your eyes from impact-based damages. Plus, they will safeguard the wearer’s vision from the sun’s harmful UV rays, wind, and debris that could cause harm or irritation. 

best tactical safety glasses for Krav Maga

Every krav maga or martial arts practitioner with vision impairment needs a good pair of sports eyewear for optimal performance!

Choosing the right pair can be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be. 

Here are 5 great tips for choosing suitable sports eyewear for Krav Maga!

  1. Krav maga focuses heavily on counterattacks, so you may want a sports glass that has a finely calibrated coating for maximum clarity.
  2. Consider the lens material. A glass lens can offer more clarity, but it’s brittle, while a polycarbonate lens is more resistant to impacts.
  3. Then comes the weight. Lightweight eyewear will offer you more sensitivity, and it’s generally better to have it in a fighting arena or on the street.
  4. Lightweight eyewear is not very sturdy. So, you will need to balance durability and weight when choosing glasses for krav maga.
  5. Last but not least is how well the glasses fit. A tight frame will make you uncomfortable in a drawn-out fight, while a loose-fitting one may fall off.

So, one of the quickest ways to pick fitting eyewear is to look for adjustable features and high versatility.

Bottom line

Krav Maga is a martial arts form that focuses on real-world scenarios, which often includes wearing glasses. Thus, you don’t have to take your glasses off or wear contacts to get the most out of this self-defense program.

Instead, it’s recommended you find a pair of sports eyewear with polycarbonate lenses if possible. 

These will protect your eyes from most potential attacks while still allowing you to see without obstruction during training sessions. 

Moreover, if you’re unsure where to start looking for these types of eyewear, you can contact experienced Krav Maga instructors. They can quickly assist you in picking the most suitable eye protection for your training sessions.

So, pick your glasses carefully and start your Krav Maga training today!