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Why Do Security Companies Choose Krav Maga? Here Are 6 Reasons

Ever wondered how security professionals knock enemies in movies? It is Krav Maga! It is an Israeli martial art form and has become prominent among security companies. Due to its effectiveness and level of protection, bodyguards are getting more interested in learning it.

As a security professional or bodyguard, your objective is to protect your client at all costs. That is why you need Krav Maga, which will enable you to use it in multiple situations. It develops you mentally and physically, slowly turning you into John Wick!

Krav Maga helps protect VIPs

If you are a security professional or run a security company, this post will tell you why Krav Maga is your best option.

What is Krav Maga Martial Arts? 

Krav Maga is a very modern and unique martial arts system developed by the Israel Defense Forces. It is famous for being suitable for people of any shape, size, or age. Developed by Imi Lichtenfeld in the 1950s, this martial art form trains your body and mind to protect yourself in any situation.

bodygaurd usnig Israeli fighting close contatc fighting

The FBI, SWAT, CIA, and some other security forces across the globe have adopted this martial art technique. It is because the art form allows you to learn the skills quickly and adapt to situations. In addition, you will also learn how to strengthen your muscle memory.

Krav Maga enables you to defend yourself and the people whose protection is your responsibility by improving your situational awareness.

The principles of Krav Maga include – 

  • Identifying or assessing possible danger
  • Using your natural reflexes for protection
  • Using a combination of attacks and counter-attacks against the opponent
  • Targeting and hitting vulnerable areas during counter-attacks

Krav Maga utilizes a variety of attacks, including punches, kicks, grapples, headbutts, groin strikes, throat punches, and eye gouges. You will also learn how to strike at the back of someone’s head and disarm anyone.

Is Krav Maga Legit?

Krav Maga can be effective for an average citizen or security professional. Based on the principles discussed above, this martial art form teaches you to be efficient at multiple combinations of attacks.

Krav Maga Advanced Training

Enhancing your situational awareness can help you assess if a situation can lead to a fight. You also learn mental and communication techniques to resolve a condition and prevent a disagreement. If things go out of hand, Krav Maga trains you how to handle anything around you to protect yourself.

Having its roots in the military, Krav Maga can be highly effective in handling sudden attacks and assaults. You will also become equipped to handle armed attackers with guns or knives.

Even if you have tried BJJ flow charts or Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga can be a refreshing twist to your learning! 

Why Krav Maga for Security Professionals? 

A bodyguard or a security professional needs to be acutely aware of his surroundings. It is the only way they can provide maximum security to the VIP or any of their clients. As Krav Maga helps in this regard, it is very suitable for them.

Security Professional using israeli martial arts

The techniques of defense and aggression make Krav Maga preferred by most bodyguards. This martial art form enables anyone to use almost the entire body to defend and attack, with the highest impact.

The fighting system trains your mind and body to predict dangers and handle them effectively. Krav maga is a mixture of boxing, Aikido, Judo, and wrestling which helps it turn any security professional into an ultimate fighting machine.

Learn more about why security companies must choose Krav Maga for their employee:

1. Simplicity and Effectiveness 

Many martial art forms like Karate and Judo have strict movement patterns and disciplines. But Krav Maga focuses on keeping things simple while being the most effective. It comprises three basic moves – strikes, blocks, and holds.

Unlike traditional martial arts like BJJ, Krav Maga follows a no-holds-barred approach, where survival is vital. So, it uses a variety of combinations of attacks for protection and aggression.

As learning the basics is simpler than many other fighting techniques, security professionals will not have trouble picking up Krav Maga. Also, anyone can master it regardless of their shape, size, and age. Hence Krav Maga is gaining more popularity.

2. Understanding the Opponent 

Krav Maga offers anyone the skill of understanding the situation and the opponent better. But why does it focus so much on situational awareness? It’s because, in Krav Maga, violence is not the first option, even though survival is the objective.

So, any bodyguard or security professional will learn enhanced judgment and verbal de-escalation while handling an opponent. It teaches how to handle any confrontation calmly, to keep things safe.

In addition, people can learn how to get an intricate understanding of their surrounding environment.

security gaurd looks for threats ready to use Isreali close combat fighting style

Security professionals can use the knowledge of Krav Maga to analyze their current location and determine possible threats. That’s how spies hunt their enemies down in a crowded marketplace!

It allows professionals to put themselves in the attacker’s shoes and evaluate the location where they might strike. As a result, they can prevent attacks.

3. Effective Disarmament 

A crucial aspect of Krav Maga is disarming and subduing the enemy. If you learn the art, you’ll be able to translate your situational awareness into muscle memory. Hence, you’ll react quickly and trust your body’s reflexes, which will ultimately safeguard you.

How to Disarm a knife attack with Krav Maga

For instance, if you encounter an armed attacker, you can use Krav Maga to disarm them quickly, regardless of their weapon. Also, subduing the attacker is very effective using Krav Maga techniques.

This way, security professionals can temporarily restrain an attacker until the police arrive. The techniques are also excellent for reusing the disarmed weapon on the attacker, as per the situation.

4. Using Improvised Weapons

You can consider this a part of weapon disarmament. For instance, someone attacks you without a weapon but is in a position to harm you.

According to Krav Maga, you need to use improvised weapons to protect yourself and retaliate. These weapons will allow you to overpower your opponent.

Krav Maga teaches that improvised weapons must be heavy or sharp for creating maximum impact. So, a baseball bat, a meat cleaver, a mug, and even a fork can be helpful. Any object that can cause damage to your attacker is an authentic improvised weapon.

5. Enhancing Mental Strength 

Just like most martial arts, Krav Maga also helps improve mental strength and resilience. It also helps in developing the mental toughness required to tackle critical situations.

bodyguard verbally diffuse before using Krav Maga

As losing is not an option here, a security professional will discover options to survive and overcome your opponent. It allows anyone to improve their problem-solving skills and handle high-pressure situations.

Thus will be valuable when protecting civilians or VIPs from dangerous attackers. With a resolute mindset, it can help professionals fight their fears.

6. Improved Fitness Levels 

It is a no-brainer, as practicing any martial arts like Krav Maga will keep anyone in shape. The intense exercises and practice sessions will help in burning fat and maintaining the physique.

Krav Maga is an excellent process of improving aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

Aerobic energy is essential for activities like walking and jogging, which are not too intense.

Anaerobic power is necessary for vigorous physical activities like running, jumping, or training in the gym.

The martial art system will enable security professionals to create a balance between aerobic and anaerobic energy reserves. As a result, they will feel more active and energized. So, if you run a security company, Krav Maga can be an outstanding inclusion during the workout sessions.

Wrap Up

Krav Maga has come a long way since its inception. If you still think, “Is Krav Maga legit?” re-watch a Hollywood action movie!

It not only helps security professionals and civilians develop a survival mindset but a sense of self. And, when you are perfectly aware of your presence and your body, fighting the opponent becomes easy.

Coming from a military background, Krav Maga is a tried and tested technique with tons of success stories. So, instead of training in multiple martial arts, go for Krav Maga that will work wonders for any security professional or company.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is Krav Maga effective for bodyguards? 

So, it will be more convenient to locate attackers & react immediately depending upon the situation.

How does Krav Maga set itself apart from other martial arts? 

Krav Maga is a combination of violence and non-violence. At first, it teaches you to tackle any situation calmly using verbal de-escalation. But if you cannot settle it, you can use the techniques to protect yourself and others.

It uses a combination of punches, jabs, kicks, headbutts, eye gouges, and other powerful attacks to overpower the opponent. It also teaches you to be agile in the environment and use anything as a weapon.

This way, you can handle multiple attacks & opponents.