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Why is krav maga so expensive

Why is Krav Maga so expensive? More about courses & pricing

The interest in Krav Maga is consistently growing, with thousands of people searching for classes in their area daily.

Krav Maga is considered to be one of the most effective and versatile combat skills to have.

If you are seriously considering learning a practical martial art, keep reading!

More about the courses and pricing of krav maga

Many students who are interested in learning this form of martial art are surprised to see that it costs more on average to take Krav Maga classes than other classes, such as Muay Thai, for example.

However, if you’re already spending a couple of hundred dollars for a monthly gym membership, then it’s worth investing in high-quality self-defense classes which will cost you about the same!

So, why do people think it’s more expensive to learn Krav Maga?

Let’s take a closer look at why Krav Maga is such an essential skill and how it stands out from other martial arts.

What is Krav Maga?

It is a hand-to-hand combat and self-defense type of martial art developed in Israel for the Israeli Defense Forces in the 1950s and has been a popular and effective set of techniques for all kinds of combat situations.

Krav Maga is considered a complete combat system and a short yet highly intensive course. On average, it takes about one year to receive a Krav Maga instructor certificate.

Of course, advanced fighting skills will take about two years to learn. Take a look at how you progress through the belt system here if you want to learn more.

Remember that this martial art’s background is actually based on modern warfare techniques, so there is much to learn, and the skills are varied.

Krav Maga techniques are relatively easy to learn because there are no specific sets of forms, moves, and exercises.

It is, in fact, a combination of combat techniques and movements from all types of martial arts. This practice prides itself on its practicality, efficiency, and easy-to-learn skills anybody can learn.

However, there is a high turn over rate for students because some find the intensity and demanding mental and physical practices too challenging.

But, if you are dedicated and ready to learn to defend yourself in any conflictual situation, you can rapidly learn Krav Maga.

An advantage is that while you must pay a slightly higher fee for classes, you won’t need to spend loads of money on any expensive gear, except for basics like shin guards, gloves, or workout clothing (check the complete guide to equipment we wrote here)

You can wear your running shoes and sweatpants to classes, and you won’t look out of place.

Average prices for Krav Maga classes in the United States

In 2021 the average monthly cost of classes in the U.S was around $120.

Usually, Krav Maga schools charge somewhere between $80 to $170 for monthly memberships depending on the area, regional price differences, demand, and the skill level of their instructors.

Check out the list we’ve compiled for the best Krav Maga organizations worldwide for more accurate details on course and membership prices around the world

Those memberships include an average of 10 to 15 hours of training per week, so the price per class, in fact, low.

These are fees for larger Krav Maga schools with lots of students.

Even though you can get started easily even with online classes like these, individual lessons are a necessity for Krav Maga – it is a martial art that requires hand-to-hand training and combat with your instructor.

For that reason, many schools with highly reputable instructors charge by the lesson, which can add up, as one lesson can cost anywhere between 20 to 50 dollars.

Each class is 1 hour long, but some workshops are 1.5 hours long. The classes are high intensity and active, so get ready to burn many calories.

What you need to know is that most Krav Maga schools offer three types of memberships, all monthly, but usually, you can choose to

  • pay month to month,
  • get six-month memberships,
  • or a 1-year membership with discounts.

How are prices determined?

Think of a Krav Maga as you would any other business. The basic premise is supply and demand.

The higher the demand for classes, the more top businesses can charge because customers will be willing to pay the higher fees.

Krav Maga is actually very much in demand all around the world. It is considered the most effective combat art, and many people are interested in learning the techniques.

The supply of good Krav Maga teachers is quite limited in comparison to other martial arts like Tae Kwon Do.

There are also fewer schools that teach Krav Maga than other martial arts; thus, spaces are limited, and costs are higher.

You should consider that Krav Maga has an excellent reputation across the globe because it has been proven highly effective since it’s used by military and law enforcement personnel worldwide.

In comparison to other martial arts like karate, which can take years of classes to reach different levels and advance, the basics of Krav Maga can be learned as quickly as six months; thus, the schools don’t retain their students for such a long time.

Consider your investment in Krav Maga as a short-term investment, so it’s worth spending money on a reputable course.

Is running a Krav Maga school expensive?

Most martial arts schools need to invest in equipment for their students’ training. Krav Maga schools also invest lots of money into their staff, their instructors, their buildings, and equipment.

They offer self-defense classes against a whole number of weapons for their students. They also teach self-defense in a vehicle as well as conduct live drills and training drills.

These courses require lots of space, often outside the “gym.” They also need props such as doors, cars, or weapons, which leads to higher maintenance costs.

What you’ll learn during Krav Maga classes

So now that you’ve considered signing up for Krav Maga classes, you should know that there is no “one” specific activity or physical exercise that you will learn and practice.

You are going to learn lots of things. All sessions will begin with some form of warmup.

Then, there are strength lessons, conditioning classes, sparring lessons with a partner, boxing bag lessons, as well as cardio training and strength workout, among many other things.

Women Improve Muscle Tone with Krav Maga

Still not sure if it’s worth your time and money investing in Krav Maga?

Think of it like this:

The type of practical self-defense skills and knowledge you’ll learn are priceless.

When you take this into account it’s actually not much more expensive than a gym membership.

Plus, you’ll burn just as many (if not more) calories!